On October 8th of every year a sweet little family celebrates the birth of a boy.
Their boy. Their son. Their brother.

Their son who they long to hold and long to know.

Their brother who they never really knew but somehow love.

On October 8th, we celebrate life. We celebrate this gift from God.
We celebrate this sweet boy who blessed our lives in unbelievable ways, far beyond his 6 weeks here on earth.

Aaden Sage Birthday Project | For Parents Grieving the Loss of a Child | by Ashlee Proffitt

What Is The Birthday Project?

The AadenSage Birthday Project was started as a simple way to bless mamas and daddies who are hurting. To remind them that their child matters. That their loss is not forgotten. And that their little one is Forever Loved.

We launched this idea on October 8th 2013 and over the past two years we have sent gifts to more families than we could even count. As I stood in line at the post office with hundreds of packages to be shipped, my heart overflowed at what a gift it is to bless others in the midst of their grief. My prayer was that those gifts would arrive on the perfect day, the hardest and most loneliest of days and in the midst of their grief they would sense a Father who loves them deeply.

How Does The Birthday Project Work?

Simply submit the name of someone you know that is currently experiencing such loss or has experienced such loss in the past here.

We will send them a print and note reminding them that their little one is never forgotten and is forever loved.

The artwork is especially amazing as I had a bit of help from Aaden’s brothers and sister. And the best part is, you get to choose your favorite color.

Aaden Sage Birthday Project | Infant Loss
Aaden Sage Birthday Project | Infant Loss
Aaden Sage Birthday Project | Infant Loss


Submissions for the AadenSage Birthday Project will begin on Aaden’s Birthday, October 8 & end on November 15. 

How Can I Help?

There are a few ways you can be involved with the AadenSage Birthday Project.

  1. Pray. Pray for this endeavor. That hearts would find True joy and peace amidst their suffering.
  2. Packing Party. Join us for a packing party! We will hand pack every single print and pray over these families. For an invitation and details sign-up here.
  3. Give. If you would like to donate funds towards this project, your generosity in this way would be greatly appreciated.


 A Note To My Son:

Aaden Sage Proffitt, you are forever loved and never, ever, ever, forgotten. Thank you baby boy for helping to bring joy and life and peace and love to so many. There is no better way to celebrate your birthday!